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Get to know my friends!

Here are the five people I hang out with a lot. We all do some sort of Computer Science, and we met on the CS132 Cult of Matt server. Amatt.

We refer to ourselves as members of Tocil Flat E, which is a completely legitimate flat that exists. But hopefully we will be actual flatmates next year!

Here are the members of TFE*, in the order I met them:

Leo was one of the first friends I made outside my flat! We met outside DCS where he was *writing a blog post*. We had a nice chat next to the geese fountain and I learned that: 1. He's also doing CS; 2. He lives off-campus; 3. The domain of the blog was warwick.university, and it was not, in fact, affiliated with Warwick University.
I met Ewan on the same day I met Leo. I thought he was Scottish? I'm really bad with accents. He's actually from Liverpool, he's also doing CS, and we call him John Major. He's a fan of board games! Lately he's been going on about the new expansion of Twilight Imperium - as unlikely as it is, maybe I'll get to play it one day?
I first met Felix on discord. He made a webpage that puts all the CS and CSE module resources in one place, which is better than DCS ever did. He's doing CSE, but we share a lot of the same modules. Three facts about him are that he's from Swindon, likes Adventure Time, and uses Linux. Two things he has are a lot of hoodies and a memorable taste in music.
When I first met Adam, I put him as Adam Adam in my contacts because I didn't know his surname. As someone has subsequently pointed out, his discord username also happens to be adam2, so the nickname stuck with me. He's Polish! But he's from Windsor. He's also a CSE student, and seems to actually have his life somewhat together (I mean, he joined a RAF programme!).
I first met Jenny on a server movie night, when we were watching a film I will not disclose the name of. She has an angry discord username but she's actually tiny irl. On Halloween I learned that she's from Guernsey(!), she's studying CS, and that she did not understand at the time that alcohol and getting into trolleys will ultimately and inevitably lead to disaster.
Hopefully it's obvious that I'm not, in fact, the last person I met at Warwick. But I don't need to introduce myself here because you already knew about me from the main page, right?

*Do not use drawings as reference

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